Valentine’s Day at Lang Floral Designs

Well friends, this Valentine’s week was an epic success!  I’m going to be completely honest…we don’t usually do a TON of business for Valentine’s Day.  I mean…we do okay; it’s just not primarily what we do.  We spend a few days delivering arrangements to people in the Chattanooga area, but as far as the “daily delivery” set-up is concerns, we are NOT a well-oiled machine like some local floral shops.

If you’re just getting to know Lang Floral Designs, we primarily do weddings and events.  We are a floral studio, open by appointment only.  So we aren’t a retail shop, and we don’t typically do daily orders for in-town deliveries.  This is by CHOICE….we love weddings, so we have chosen to focus our attention and business model on weddings and event.  However, winter is a slow season for weddings, so we do Valentine’s Day specials that we deliver around town.

Therefor, Valentine’s Day for us has always been a way to make a little extra money in the slow season, while bringing some people in the Chattanooga area a little joy through our floral arrangements.  I’ve never loved the dozen roses with baby’s breath  thing.  I’ve done it…just not a huge fan.  I know that people love Lang Floral Designs for our unique and modern floral arrangements, and I also know that, especially during Valentine’s Day, you can get a dozen roses ANYWHERE.  We don’t want to be like everyone else, we want to offer something you can’t get most other places!

So, over Christmas break, I did a few mock ups of what I wanted to offer for Valentine’s Day this year.  I posted those on Social Media, and got a ton of attention from people loving how unique and different they were from typical Valentine’s Day stuff.  We also reached out to Cambridge Square, a boutique-style shopping center near us in Ooltewah, to see if they’d be willing to let us set up a “pop-up shop” somewhere in the square.  To my surprise, they had a building/kiosk that wasn’t being used, and offered it to us RENT FREE for the weekend!  What a blessing!  Not to mention the generosity they showed us by posting our stuff to their social media pages to draw business for us.  Through that post, we got some extra orders outside of our typical sphere of influence.  But more notably, their posts got the attention of a local Jewelry shop who LOVED how upscale our stuff looked, and asked us to make 50 EXTRA LARGE arrangements that they were going to include along with a jewelry promotion.

We did more deliveries and pre-orders than ever before, so the addition of the pop-up shop at Cambridge Square and the very large Jewelry shop order resulted in WAY more business than we’re used to for the Valentine’s week (we’re not complaining)!  It was a whirlwind, but with some excellent additional help, we made it.  Now, as we’re taking a deep breath from a few weeks of crazy, I’m just hugely thankful for the business we did, and the number of homes and offices we ended up in this Valentine’s Day!  Check out just a few pictures from that week:



A Boho Wedding at a new Industrial Venue in Downtown Chattanooga


I absolutely adore this new venue, the Turnbull Building, in Downtown Chattanooga.  We do a lot of barn, farm, and outdoor weddings…and they are lovely.  But a country style isn’t quite right for everyone.  For this more modern couple, the urban style of the Turnbull Building was a perfect fit.  I’m so excited that we already have a few other Turnbull weddings coming up in 2019.

For a fall wedding, I was so eager to get my hands on these warm colors, dried grassy stems, and the awesome hanging arbor that was a last minute addition.  The bride collected all of the various textured glass jars for the reception centerpieces.  We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Kayla Newport
FLOWERS: Lang Floral Designs
VENUE: The Turnbull Building