A Romantic Blush Garden Wedding in Chattanooga

Romantic Blush Wedding Flowers, The Venue Chattanooga, Chattanooga Wedding Florist, Lang Floral Designs
Romantic Blush Wedding Flowers, The Venue Chattanooga, Chattanooga Wedding Florist, Lang Floral Designs

As a wedding florist, I try to take good pictures of my work at an event.  I have a professional camera, and some minor photography skills.  But they are ALWAYS trumped by the professional photographer’s shots from the day.

When I finish a wedding that I personally love, I’m always extremely anxious to get the photo gallery back from the photographer, because I know they will be SO much better than mine, haha!  This can take weeks or months, depending on the season and photographer.  This was my first time working with Nelya Photography, and I was SHOCKED at literally everything about her process.  She was quick, responsive and excellent in everything she did.  Not only did she work with me AT the event by getting loose blooms for some GORGEOUS detail shots and asked ME what I’d like good photos of, she gave a sneak peak on social media less than 24 hours after the event, tagged all vendors on EVERYTHING, AND gave me the full gallery just a few short weeks after the wedding. Additionally, these shots are STUNNING.

Let me just say that I have truly had great experiences with venues, vendors AND couples.  It’s extremely rare that I deal with a bridezilla, a difficult family member, or a rude vendor.  But it really stands out when a vendor works at such a HIGH level of excellence.  And Nelya Photography absolutely did.  This wedding took place at The Venue Chattanooga, which is also a DREAM venue to work at…one of my favorites for sure!

This couple and family were SO appreciative of everything that day as well.  While I was setting up centerpieces at the reception, I overheard a few of the family members talking, and just noticed how uplifting and positive everything they said was.  It was a breath of fresh air.  Listen, I KNOW weddings can be stressful…!  But I’ve discovered that it’s the mindset of the couple and family that sets the tone for the day.  If a bride decides her wedding day is going to be super chill and non-stressfull, it probably IS.  If she decides that everything possible is going to stress her out and go wrong that day, than guess what…it probably will!

Check out the beautiful photos from this perfect Spring wedding day.  The feeling you get when you look at these will probably be refreshing, and peaceful.  And that is actually the tone that the day.  This couple was a dream to work with, and I wish them a blessed and beautiful marriage!

VENUE: The Venue Chattanooga
COORDINATOR: Kate Courtney of The Venue Chattanooga
PHOTOGRAPHER: Nelya Photography
FLOWERS: Lang Floral Designs



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