Wildflowers and an Easy-going Couple!

Wildflower Arbor Floral Installation, Ceremony

This Spring 2019 wedding is a favorite of mine for several reasons. An extravagant ceremony installation, a super laid-back couple, a wildflower look with lots of color, and beautiful weather.  This one checked all the boxes to make it one of our favorites in 2019.

When I met with this bride over a video chat (since the couple was out-of-state), she showed me her arbor/ceremony floral ideas. And since we have worked at this venue many times, I KNEW we had to do a lot for a one-sided asymmetrical floral installation to stand out on the Tennessee RiverPlace’s arbor.  You see, that thing is almost 12′ wide!  Many ceremony arbors you might see on Pinterest are much smaller.  So we know from experience that if we’re going to do something on that arbor, it has to make a big visual impact (without taking away from the gorgeous mountain/river scenery of course).

To top my excitement for the arbor installation was this wildflower style.  The bride was not afraid of color or to be unique.  We knew we needed to be very strategic in sourcing these flowers to bring in all the lovely color and wild texture, while still keeping it sophisticated-looking.  We sources many of the blooms from a local flower farm, Southerly Flower Farm, and were SO FREAKIN pleased with how fresh and healthy everything was.

In preparation for delivery and set-up, my team and I were geared up to absolutely MELT in the summer heat and sun.  We even adjusted our typical professional attire for something slightly more manageable for the 90+ degree day.  While working on the arbor, my assistant and I were pleasantly surprised by a cool breeze and some sporadic cloud cover that offered so much relief.  Even better was a bride, groom and bridal party who were super easy-going and relaxed.  They had truly decided to have a fun and joyful day…and that they had!  Congratulation to Abby and Daniel!!!

Flowers: Lang Floral Designs
Photography: Lindsey Lowe Photography
Reception Rentals: The Copper Quail
Venue: Tennessee RiverPlace
Catering: Apron Strings

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