A Sentimental Garden-Style Wedding at the Bride’s Childhood Camp



In our first meeting, the bride’s mother explained to me the sentimental value of the venue they had chosen: Camp DeSoto in Mentone, Alabama, located about an hour South of Chattanooga.  The bride’s father had worked on the camp grounds all her life, while she attended girl’s camp every single summer of her childhood.  The family still has many close ties to the camp, so it was an obvious choice for Kelsey and Ryan’s big day.

As we tossed around ideas during the meeting about a ceremony arbor or hanging installation, we tabled the conversation in the interest of thinking outside the box.  The bride had a desire for a garden-style floral look, and the deep green bridesmaids dresses and accent colors set the tone for the lush greenery that we decided on for the ceremony installation.  We knew we didn’t want to do anything to interfere with the beautiful natural backdrop that the open doors provided.  So, once I started brainstorming by myself after our meeting, I knew I wanted to suggest an asymmetrical, mostly wild greenery floral installation. I didn’t want anything super structured or clean-looking, because it needed to coordinate with the flowing natural look of the bride’s bouquet, and other florals.  The bride was immediately on board for my out-of-the-ordinary suggestion, and trusted me to execute a vision that we didn’t really have a firm example of ahead of time. In this Pinterest day and age of wedding planning, it’s extremely rare that we don’t have dozens of photo examples of what we’re planning to do.  This idea was purely in my head, and my second florist McCaull and I were so excited to see it come to life on set-up day.

The photographer, Emily Lester, who we have worked with before, captured every detail so flawlessly.  And I just love how the reception turned out with tall and short floral centerpieces, to draw the eye around the room.



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