A Fall Wedding With A Sophisticated Mauve Color Palette

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Arbor Flowers, Lang Floral Designs

I absolutely loved the color pallet and style of this wedding! The bride originally had in mind all white flowers with eucalyptus greenery only. However, when she showed me her well-thought-out color pallet with all those gorgeous mauve tones, I knew there was an opportunity to bring in some super subtle color and gardeny greens to round out the sophistication. The bride gave my color/floral suggestions serious thought and ultimately decided to trust me to do something a little bit different than she had originally planned. I’m SO glad she did. This combination resulted in a truly UNIQUE mix that you don’t see just anywhere. 

Leading up to this October wedding, the forecast was showing stormy weather all day.  However, during set-up, the radar was promising a perfectly timed break in the rain just for the outdoor ceremony, on Howe Farms’ Ceremony Hill.  While we were setting up the gorgeous arbor floral installation, I kept imagining the worst: a huge gust of wind during the ceremony pulling one of the greenery branches out and smack someone in the head.  Haha!  That of course did NOT happen.  But we spent a significant amount of extra time zip-tying and securing virtually every piece in a way that we NEVER would have if the weather weren’t so violent that day.

We finished the ceremony set up, snagged a few pictures, and stepped back to grab a few deep breaths before finishing up centerpieces in the Apple Barn at Howe Farms, where the indoor reception would take place.

Unfortunately, right before the guests were about to head up to Ceremony Hill, rain came in unexpectedly and the decision was made to switch the ceremony indoors.  Shaun at Cue the Champaign, and her incredible team worked like madmen to flip the reception space into an appropriate ceremony set-up almost instantly due to the unexpected turn of events.  We were so impressed with how every single vendor came together to make that switch happen literally as guests were arriving for the ceremony.

The set up turned out gorgeous, and there was even a perfect break in the rain to allow for the bride and groom to sneak away after the ceremony for some intimate photos under the floral arbor on Ceremony Hill.

I have a great respect for what professional photographers do at weddings.  It’s not just about taking great photos.  There’s soooo much more to it than that, from time managements, to capturing the details flawlessly.  I’m in LOVE with the full gallery from this wedding, by Caressa Rogers Photography!  She captured every single detail of the day without fail!  One of the details to mention is the delicate henna tattoo art (Mehndi) on the bride’s hands.  The couple brought in the bride’s Indian culture in subtle ways to perfectly fit with the modern simplicity of their big day.

I also love the tall floral centerpieces the bride chose for some of the tables.  Using our Tall Rental Gold Stands, we did 4 taller centerpieces, strategically placed around the room to add height to the visual elements of the reception.  Since the Apple Barn has gorgeous high ceilings and chandeliers, it can only help to draw the eye up as guests arrive.  And although the weather cause some unexpected switched to the day, everything turned our GORGEOUS, and the couple’s modern simplistic event was executed to perfection!

Photo Credit: Caressa Rogers Photography
Flowers: Lang Floral Designs
Coordination: Cue the Champaign
Venue: Howe Farms (Apple Barn)
DJ: Million Dolla Man



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