Eucalyptus Wedding Flowers…with Stunning White Peonies

Our 100th Wedding!!!

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Captured by Kartsie Photography.

It kind of blows my mind that this eucalyptus winter wedding was our 100th! I can remember each and every one of the 100 weddings we’ve done, and have a great sense of appreciation for each wedding. It’s an absolute honor to be chosen to work on a wedding, and I never take for granted the weight of each event. Two people are getting married and starting their lives off together…and I get to be a part of it. It’s really amazing that we have been involved in 100+ at this point.


Planning their Winter Eucalyptus Wedding

Hannah & Sam planned their January, 2020 wedding for month and were prepared for a cold winter day. What they didn’t plan for was torrential down-pouring and widespread area thunderstorms. The couple did plan for all indoor festivities since the couple expected cold temperatures. However, a little anxiety was added by the fact that the ceremony was taking place at their church, Rock Creek Fellowship, on Lookout Mountain, and the reception was being help at The Venue Chattanooga, about 15 minutes away.

As the forecast grew more threatening that morning and afternoon, the couple and families were a little worried that the worst of the storms would hit right as guests were supposed to be traveling off the mountain to the reception venue. Luckily, some storms blew through during and shortly after the ceremony. So their guests just had to wait a few minutes until they saw an open window of opportunity to get to their cars and head off the mountain. By the time guests arrived at the reception, the threat had passed, and everyone could breath easy and enjoy the rest of the night.

Although weather-related tension was a little high, the couple stayed calm and relaxed the whole day. The families were around during set-up and the getting-ready process, and their calm, light-hearted demeanor surely helped Hannah and Sam to not stress over the storms.

Our 100th…A Winter Wedding of White Peonies and Eucalyptus!

When we first met with Hannah to discuss her eucalyptus wedding flowers, we were still in the process of filling out our fall 2019 calendar. So, we didn’t know at the time that this would end up being our 100th wedding! Hannah and Sam also hired us for our day-of-coordinating services, which added so much significance of this event. McCaull, our excellent second floral designer and coordinator, did the day-of-coordinating for Hannah and Sam.

One of my favorite things about Hannah’s flowers was how gorgeous they looked against the bridesmaid’s dresses, which were the perfect neutral shade! The girls all wore different styles of Azazie dresses in “silver”. We also love Kennedy Blue bridesmaids dresses because they have a great selection of muted colors as well. Try their DOVE color for this same look.

It was a surreal day, thinking about how we had done 100 of these. The magnitude of this number just blows my mind. Every single wedding requires a great amount of time, thoughts, and attention to details. I can’t believe we have had the privilege of working with so many couples on their big day. Each and every one of those 100 weddings holds a special place in my heart for one reason or another. Hannah and Sam’s will definitely carry such significancy, even years down the road, because of this amazing milestone we had the opportunity to reach as a part of their beautiful wedding day.

Vendor Team:

Ceremony Venue: Rock Creek Fellowship
Reception Venue: The Venue Chattanooga
Photography: Kartsie Photography
Florist: Lang Floral Designs
Catering: Maple Street Biscuit Co.
Coordinating: Lang Floral Designs
Sound: Chattanooga Tent Company
Rentals: The White Table

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Photos below by Kartsie Photography

…And a few more we took:


Wedding Budget Breakdown with Percentages


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