How To Create the Perfect Cottage Wedding

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Everyone loves a cottage-style wedding venue, with a mix of indoor/outdoor spaces, and that rugged vintage charm. So earlier this year, some wedding vendor friends and I got together to create this styled photo shoot using dreamy earthy wedding decor, with a few boho details and a warm color pallet. If you would like to learn more about what a styled shoot is in the wedding industry, and hear the full story behind this photo shoot, click HERE.

My nickname for this color pallet is “Butterscotch Sunset”, haha. I chose these colors to compliment the natural elements of this gorgeous cottage-style wedding venue, like the rugged wooden features of the open-air tent and the stone detailing of the on-site cottage. We knew that including items with a more natural, organic feel would be key to create this charming and earthy look.

Scroll down further to see every single items that we used to pull together the look of this cottage styled shoot.

Earthy Wedding Colors

About the Vendors – Cottage Wedding

Photographer: Resounding Whispers Photography
Flowers + Design: Lang Floral Designs
Venue: Ridge Rose in Chickamauga, GA (about 30 minutes outside of Chattanooga, TN)
Bridal Gown: Mrs. Bridal Boutique in Ooltewah (about 15 minutes outside of Chattanooga)
Invitation Design: Lang Floral Designs
Coordination: Lang Floral Designs


How To Make This Look For Your Earthy Cottage Wedding


The Cottage Wedding Venue we chose for this shoot was Ridge Rose in Chickamauga, GA, just a few minutes outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee. The venue includes a rugged open-air tent called Hickory Hall, and a charming Stone Cottage situated right next to the main event space/tent.

So if you’re trying to recreate this look for your big day, look for a local cottage venue with an option for an outdoor ceremony, a picturesque natural setting, and vintage details. Also, a venue that includes wooden reception tables and beautiful chairs is a huge plus.


For this shoot, we definitely wanted to bring in some of those warm tones, so we did that with the linen-textured background paper, the camel-colored wax string, and the hand-stamped gold seal. Combining those elements with the pear place card brought that warm earthy style all together.



We borrowed this stunning dress from Mrs. Bridal Boutique in Ooltewah, Tennessee (about 15 minutes outside of Chattanooga). My favorite features on this dress were the leafy/lace detailing around the top and the illusion back that flows through the sides. When beginning your search for the perfect wedding gown, I would highly recommend starting at a locally owned and operated shop. In my experience, you will get such better service and care at a place like that, than a national chain. Plus, you’re supporting a local business which is SO important right now.


For this type of bouquet, centerpiece and hanging installation, I would recommend a professional florist.  This one features Quicksand Roses, Plum Hellebores, and lots of dried elements for that earthy look. For instance, we used Pampas Grass, Palm Spears, and Dried Bleached Ruscus and White Fern Leaf in the bouquet and centerpiece. If you’re in the Chattanooga area, definitely check us out! Also, here’s a guide to shopping for those dried elements:


  • Blush Cheesecloth Table Runner
    Make sure your runner is long enough to go all the way across the table, and ideally puddle a little bit onto the floor.
  • Gold Candlesticks
    We bought most of the Gold/Brass Candlestick new. However, about 1/3 of our collection includes vintage candlesticks we’ve added from thrift stores and antique shops, which offer a more patina/worn look.
  • Butterscotch Taper Candles
    These are not the EXACT candles we used because we made the mistake of not ordering “dripless” taper candles. So, if you’re using taper candles for an event, ALWAYS buy dripless candles to avoid having puddles of wax on your tables at the end of the night. I would also recommend testing one out before the event.
  • Drop cloths (for hand-cut napkins)
    We love using drop cloth material any time we need a natural/rugged fabric. Therefor, we hand cut these napkins, and frayed the edges to create a nice earthy look. A standard white linen napkin would have looked a bit too formal and crisp for this style.
  • Plates
    We used THESE real white porcelain dinner plates. However, to avoid having to purchase 100+ dinner plates for your wedding that you’ll never use again, be sure to check with your caterer to see if they have real dinnerware available as a rental option. But if they don’t, I would suggest a nice, simple disposable alternative, like THESE.
  • Bowls & Centerpiece Pots
  • Pear Place Card
    Pinning the place cards to these fresh Bosc Pears brought in an organic element that is beautiful on any table. In addition, these pears offered more of that butterscotch color we wanted to pepper the entire table. However, if Bosc Pears are not in season and locally available at the time of your wedding, consider other organic items that you could use at each place setting for an earthy feel. For instance, some of our favorite options are pieces of fruit, sprigs of greenery or herbs, or an individual bloom to coordinate with your wedding flowers.


Your entire day will look perfectly styled if you have some beautiful vintage furniture pieces to use for photos. Therefor, consider using these pieces while getting ready, as a sitting area at your reception, or even at your table to define the bride and groom seats. At this venue, they had several beautiful options already on sight in the cottage. However, if your cottage wedding venue doesn’t have things like this available, look for a vintage furniture rental company in your town. Also, if you’re in the Chattanooga area, definitely check out The Copper Quail!

PRO TIP: Don’t go overboard on these vintage pieces. For instance, 3-5 vintage items matched up with your modern furnishings and environment can look perfectly curated. While 8-12 can start to look like a hot mess. There’s a fine line between “eclectic” and “kitschy”. Less is more when it comes to those detailed, one-of-a-kind items.


A few more photos from this shoot…

See all the details of this Earthy Wedding Styled Shoot


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    1. Thanks so much April! We definitely aid special attention to details on this one. I took creative control, which is not typically how done by the florist in a styled shoot. So I’m super glad you could tell and it paid off.

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