Eucalyptus in Wedding Bouquets…Plus the Perfect Color of Dresses

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Eucalyptus greenery in all of its forms has taken the wedding industry by storm. It’s muted blueish-green color fits perfectly with the grey tones and soft color pallets that brides love for their 2023 or 2024 wedding. As a wedding florist in Chattanooga, TN, we have worked on so many eucalyptus themed weddings including bouquets, centerpieces, garland, floral installations, even eucalyptus themed wedding invitations! So we’ve created basically a “BEST OF THE BEST”, as we show you how to pull together the most cohesive and modern touches for a beautiful eucalyptus wedding!

Eucalyptus in Wedding Bouquets, Chattanooga Wedding Florist, Lang Floral Designs
Captured by Kartsie Photography.

How to Plan the Perfect Eucalyptus Inspired Wedding (with Eucalyptus in Your Wedding Bouquets)


When you are taking a look at venues for your wedding, there are so many factors to consider. Can the venue hold all your guests comfortably? Does it have all the amenities, like a bridal suite and parking, that you would need? Does it have the look you love for your wedding? If you love the eucalyptus look, with soft and muted colors, I would suggest a venue with a light and airy feel. White shiplap or brick walls look GREAT in the background of photos. You will also love beautiful outdoor scenery for your bridal photos! Tons of natural light is a must! And if the venue comes with great wooden chairs and/or wooden farm tables, that is a HUGE perk. You wouldn’t think that chairs would make such a difference in the feel of a wedding, but they do!

Most of the photos below are from eucalyptus inspired weddings at The Venue Chattanooga, one of our favorite area venues. If you’re in the Chattanooga area, definitely put it on your must-see list. HERE’S a more in depth list of the BEST WEDDING VENUES IN TENNESSEE. What we love about this place in particular is that the style isn’t overpowering. It isn’t super rugged or extremely industrial. It is just a simple and beautiful space with white walls, wooden farm tables, an outdoor ceremony space, and a well thought out set of amenities.


We love seeing modern and muted color pallets to coordinate with eucalyptus wedding bouquets and white flowers. Grey tones, sage, sea glass, and even muted slate blue or blush would be great colors to start with when trying to decide on the perfect color pallet for your big day. My first recommendation would be to choose bridesmaids dresses in colors you love, and then build your color pallet from there.

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Eucalyptus in Wedding Bouquets, Chattanooga Wedding Florist, Lang Floral Designs

BRIDESMAID’S DRESSES (colors and styles to perfectly coordinate with eucalyptus in wedding bouquets)

If you want to have a trend-setting wedding, check out these Velvet Bridesmaids Dresses from Etsy. The oohs & ahhs your girls will get in these will set the tone for the rest of the day. I love the blush smoke, sage green or sliver grey fabric for a eucalyptus inspired wedding! You can even order swatches HERE.

Or, if you like a more classic look, Kennedy Blue is a great place to start. Use THIS link, and the code SWATCHFREE for one free swatch. You can buy several different swatches to see them together, and then even try the dresses on at home for a small fee. Use THIS link and the code HOME50 to get 50% off try at home bridesmaids dresses! Their DOVE dress color goes perfectly with the eucalyptus wedding, however, ordering a few swatches is the best way to decide for sure which color is your favorite. We also love the idea of choosing a slightly different color for each of your bridesmaids. Our top Kennedy Blue suggestions to work beautifully with eucalyptus would be Dove, Sea Glass, Silver, Dewdrop, Fog and Deep Sea. Check out how great these all look together:

Eucalyptus in Wedding Bouquets, Chattanooga Wedding Florist, Lang Floral Designs

FLOWERS (Eucalyptus in Wedding Bouquets)

What kinds of eucalyptus do you love? Many brides do not realize that there are several different types of eucalyptus; All very popular and beautiful in their own way. Below is a quick reference for the most common types of eucalyptus out there; silver dollar and seeded eucalyptus being our most popular requests.

Eucalyptus in Wedding Bouquets, Chattanooga Wedding Florist, Lang Floral Designs
All eucalyptus images from


How about these SATIN MONOGRAMMED PAJAMAS for your bridesmaids. We love these as part of your bridal party gift, and they make for GREAT getting ready photos! Check out how many colors they have too. If you have a large bridal party, you could even do several different colors, like Sage, Taupe, Sandalwood, Dusty Rose, and Champaign. These muted tones would look great together in your professional photos!

If you’re in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area, definitely check us out! We are a wedding floral studio with GREAT reviews, and love working with modern and organic styles. Here are a few more photos of some of our favorite uses of eucalyptus in wedding bouquets. I personally like mixing the more muted color of the eucalyptus with a more fresh-looking greenery like jasmine vine, honeysuckle vine, or smilax.

If you aren’t in the Chattanooga area, I would still highly recommend hiring a professional florist if you choose to do fresh flowers and eucalyptus in your wedding bouquets. I write a little more on how to decide on professional or DIY flowers for your wedding HERE. However, if you’re looking for a professional florist in your area, my best recommendation is to check out their reviews online and make sure they mention not JUST the floral work, but also their professionalism or process. You want to make sure all your wedding vendors not only do great work on the day of, but are also easy to work with months before hand and have a straight forward process that is stress free for you during planning.


Below are some of our favorite ways to incorporate eucalyptus and other greenery into your centerpieces. One thing we love to do is two types if centerpieces in one wedding reception space: (1) A low centerpiece of loose greenery or garland around lanterns and/or candles, and (2) a taller centerpiece full of greenery and flowers. Having both low and high centerpieces draws the eye all around the room; to the tables, the place settings, and then of course up to the taller floral centerpieces. Huge bonus if your venue has some gorgeous chandeliers or wooden beam!

Here’s how you can recreate this look:
Glass Votive Candles
Pillar Candles for Lantern
Tall Gold Stands

Have your florist create the floral centerpieces and arrange the greenery garland or loose greenery.



We love a layered look for your place settings. Layering your chargers and plates with a small spring of greenery, napkin, menu card, or favor makes your table look wedding-ready.

Check with your caterer, planner and florist to see if any of them have gold chargers to rent. If not, they’re fairly inexpensive. You can buy GOLD CHARGERS here. Or for an even more affordable option, you could layer a simple white plate with these GOLD PLACEMATS. Also, ETSY has all kinds of great personalized wedding favors and paper items you could layer on top.

We definitely realize that planning a wedding is more complex than these few items. However, I hope this gives you a solid start in seeing how easy it is to make some simple design decisions to incorporate eucalyptus in your wedding bouquets and throughout the rest of the day.


Lang Floral Designs is a premier wedding florist in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  We do wedding and event flowers in the surrounding areas of East Tennessee and North Georgia, and we also love providing brides everywhere with useful ideas and information for their wedding day. For a better idea of all we can do at your wedding, click hereContact us today if you’re interested in hiring us for your wedding or event.

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