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Several years ago when my sister got engaged, they chose a moissanite engagement ring instead of a diamond. At that point, I had never heard of this stone, and knew nothing about the conflict that was occurring within the diamond industry. When I first saw her ring in person, I thought it looked exactly like a diamond and didn’t notice any difference at all. The stone had all the beauty and clarity I was used to seeing in a diamond, and I was truly impressed with it’s stunning sparkle-factor!

I am a wedding florist in Chattanooga, Tennessee, so I interact with a ton of brides each year. And since my first interaction with moissanite years ago after my sister’s engagement, many of my clients have shared with me that they too chose moissanite. So, I started doing research to find out all the reasons why a couple would choose this alternative stone, and here’s what I found:

What is Moissanite?

Moissanite is a naturally occurring mineral, silicon carbide, that is found in very small quantities in the earth. Although moissanite exists in nature, it is so rare that it must be created in a lab to produce pieces large enough to cut into gemstones. When cut and faceted, moissanite is by definition, the world’s most brilliant gem (this refers to light refraction and sparkle). Learn more about the differences between Moissanite and Diamonds HERE.

Why Moissanite?

If you have done any research at all about diamonds, you may have heard the term “conflict-free”. Did you know that in recent history there has been massive amounts of conflict and corruption within the diamond industry? The jewelry company Brilliant Earth explains; “Although many diamond-fueled wars have now ended, conflict diamonds remain a serious problem. In 2013, a civil war erupted in the Central African Republic, with both sides fighting over the country’s diamond resources. Thousands of people have died and more than a million have been displaced.”

For this reason and many more, some have chosen to look outside of the diamond engagement ring tradition. Jewelry companies have developed astonishing processes to create diamonds (made of carbon) and moissanite (made of silicon carbide) in a lab. These lab-created stones result in a more ethical and sustainable process, smaller carbon footprint, and best of all, a much lower price tag! There are many reasons to look outside of the traditional diamond engagement ring options, so we’re excited to share with you these 5 resources for beautiful moissanite engagement rings!

1. Forever Moissanite

If you’re just beginning your search for a moissanite engagement ring, Forever Moissanite should be your first stop because of their AMAZING quality and variety of styles! You can customize any style with your desired metal type and stone size, and their website is really easy to use. I love that they have matching bridal bands, so you can order your whole bridal set at once.

I noticed that the ring photography on their website is either VERY professional studio photography or renderings (I can’t tell which). However, I personally really like to see real-life photos of rings as well. If you’re the same way, you can head over to their INSTAGRAM profile to see more shots of these gorgeous rings in a real-life setting.

Many of the moissanite engagement rings from Forever Moissanite run around $1,000-$1,500, which puts it at one of the higher priced options we’re suggesting. So, why would you spend a little more? Here’s what Forever Moissanite says about their quality:

Commercial moissanite comes in three different color grades: faint color, near colorless, and truly colorless. While some of our competitors’ stones can fall into those first two cheaper categories, all of our moissanite gemstones are produced for perfect colorless stone.
… All Forever Moissanite Gems come with our lifetime manufacturing warranty to protect against defects and flaws.

Forever Moissanite Website

French Pave Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring

I recently got a Forever Moissanite ring of my own, and I absolutely LOVE it!!! If you want to read my whole story about choosing my moissanite engagement ring from them, you can check that out HERE. But here are some pictures of it. It’s their Graduated Split Shank Pear Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring with a 1.25 Carat Stone in Yellow Gold. This is a wonderful example of how their website pictures don’t do them justice. I feel like my ring is 10 times as beautiful and quality-looking than I expected.

UPDATE: I’ve now had my Forever Moissanite ring for several months. I get so many compliments, and it’s holding up beautifully. I think I love it more now than when it was brand new. I’m getting used to seeing it on my hand, and I’m just in LOVE with the quality and every detail of the design.

2. Etsy

Did you know that Etsy has some AMAZING jewelry shops? The one thing I love about buying from Etsy is that you can filter any search to look at US-based shops. So, by starting on this link, you’ll see all that Etsy has to offer in the best moissanite engagement rings from US-based shops. Most of these rings are $250-$600, which makes them our MOST AFFORDABLE option, all while supporting an American small business!

PerfectLoverRing Shop, ETSY

You may ask yourself why Etsy Shops are able to sell theirs at such a lower cost. Well, the jewelry industry as a whole is notorious for having an extremely high markup. But if an Etsy Jeweler marks their product up more like other hand-made items on Etsy, that could easily be the reason you’re seeing a difference in cost compared to even the other jewelers on this list.

Of course there are SO many options here on Etsy, so how do you know which shop to start with? Well, we’ve done the research to help you discover only shops with GREAT reviews and TONS of successful sales. These Etsy shops have happy customers all over, and we’re confident you would be happy with them too:

ETSY Shop: PerfectLoverRing

ETSY Shop: TheDivineSpark

3. Charles and Colvard

A Charles and Colvard ring is what recently peaked my interest in Moissanite engagement rings, years after my sister got hers. We had a bride with a Charles and Colvard ring, and I just remember noticing how sparkly and stunning it was. If you are a fan of simple and elegant solitaire engagement rings, Charles and Colvard will have a ton of options you love. My favorite is this oval side stone ring. It has the simplicity of a solitaire stone, with the added detail of the small side stones.

Charles and Colvard Oval Side Stone Moissanite Engagement Ring

Most Charles and Colvard engagement rings run around $1,000-$2,000. However, they host sales from 10%-25% sitewide all the time. So definitely keep an eye out for those.

4. Kobelli

Kobelli is a jewelry shop that sells gorgeous moissanite and lab diamond jewelry on Amazon. Since they’re an Amazon seller, they have a TON of reviews on each item, so you can check out what other customers have to say. You’ll spend around $600-$1200 on a Kobelli ring through Amazon.

TN Wedding Ve

5. DovEgg

DovEgg also sells gorgeous moissanite jewelry on Amazon. One thing I have noticed about DovEgg rings is that their center stone has a fairly low profile. Some people may love this, some people may hate it. But if you cringe at the idea of your ring getting caught on things or poking people, I would definitely check these out.

They have lots of beautiful ring designs, so I bet you will find a low profile ring you love! You’ll spend about $150-800 on a DovEgg ring on Amazon.

If you are open to this non-traditional stone for your engagement ring, chance are, you may like non-traditional ideas for your wedding as well. So, take a look at THIS ARTICLE I recently wrote about MICRO WEDDINGS. And of course, you’ll need a great wedding budget tool….so CLICK HERE for a free downloadable wedding budget spreadsheet. If you are planning a wedding in Chattanooga or the surrounding areas, we’d love to discuss wedding flowers and decor with you!

I wish you luck finding the perfect engagement ring, and of course, the perfect mate!


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  1. An engagement ring is a very personal and treasured piece of jewelry for any person. I really love diamonds, but way out of my budget and moissanite is really affordable giving all the feels, just like diamond.

  2. An engagement ring is a very personal and treasured piece of jewelry for any person. I really love diamonds, but way out of my budget and moissanite is really affordable giving all the feels, just like diamond.

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