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Wedding Centerpieces for a Luxurious Downtown Wedding

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Jessie & Nathan reached out to me immediately after the holidays last year about their May wedding. In their initial emails, they shared a picture of a floral wedding centerpiece they just loved! And I was super excited to meet with them to talk about how we could make these dramatic elevated centerpieces happen for their big day. Our Spring/Summer calendar was already filling up, so I was thrilled to have space for their modern downtown wedding!

Wedding Centerpieces, Lang Floral Designs, Chattanooga Wedding Florist

As Jessie, Nathan and I met over Zoom, it became clear to me that one of the most important elements of their wedding to them was going to be the flowers. They absolutely LOVED the idea of these dramatic wedding centerpieces, elevated atop our gold floral stands.

The couple chose the Gilman Event Hall for their wedding, a new venue in the heart of downtown Chattanooga, TN. They found out about my floral studio because I had recently done a styled shoot there shortly after the venue opened. And they loved my floral installation on the venue’s fireplace, which would be the backdrop to their ceremony.

Floating Fireplace Floral Installation

The Gilman’s fireplace presents a challenge, because there is no ledge or mantle to rest floral mechanics on. It’s just a sharply slopped surface. So, we actually had to create the ceremony floral installation as a floating piece, using fishing line, wire, and chicken wire, attached to some sconce brackets several feet above the actual flowers. It’s a good thing we did this one time before at the styled shoot so we could really nail it for their big day! We have since done one additional wedding their, and I feel like we continue to perfect our mechanical technique each time!

Wedding Centerpieces, Lang Floral Designs, Chattanooga Wedding Florist
Fireplace Floral Installation, Lang Floral Designs, Chattanooga Wedding Florist

Dramatic Elevated Wedding Centerpieces

Jessie and Nathan loved the idea of having that wow factor, where their guests’ eyes would be drawn up and around the venue immediately upon entering their reception. So we decided on these dramatic 5′ long elevated wedding centerpieces to go on a few of the long guest table rows. The other tables had some lower floral centerpieces and Gold Candlesticks with White Taper Candles, so there was some variety when you scanned the room.

Tall wedding centerpieces are a great way to bring the floral magic up, especially if your venue doesn’t have a space for a hanging floral installation. Many brides are opposed to a tall centerpiece of ANY kind because they’ve had a bad experience at a wedding where the centerpieces we so obtrusive that you couldn’t talk to guests across the table. But since our Gold Floral Stands have very thin rods, they’re super minimal and didn’t block guests view.

I just love how these tall wedding centerpieces and the rest of the wedding flowers turned out! It took a village to make this wedding happen…one of our most involved wedding days yet! But I just LOVE seeing the photos of guests seated at the reception, enjoying the meal & conversation with one another. It adds so much whimsey for flowers and greenery to be flowing from above.


PHOTOGRAPHER: OkCrowe Photography
VENUE: Gilman Event Hall
RENTALS: Lang Floral Designs
CATERER: Old Gilman Grill
FLORIST: Lang Floral Designs
CAKE: B’s Sweets
LINENS: White Table Specialty Linens
DRAPERY: Decor 1601



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