I cry at weddings…


It’s completely understandable why a guest would attend a wedding of a great friend or family member, and cry during the special moments they get to experience, right?  Well, I’m going to tell you why I cried at this wedding of essentially strangers back in March.
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Valentine’s Day at Lang Floral Designs


Well friends, this Valentine’s week was an epic success!  I’m going to be completely honest…we don’t usually do a TON of business for Valentine’s Day.  I mean…we do okay; it’s just not primarily what we do.  We spend a few days delivering arrangements to people in the Chattanooga area, but as far as the “daily delivery” set-up is concerns, we are NOT a well-oiled machine like some local floral shops.

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A Boho Wedding at a new Industrial Venue in Downtown Chattanooga


I absolutely adore this new venue, the Turnbull Building, in Downtown Chattanooga.  We do a lot of barn, farm, and outdoor weddings…and they are lovely.  But a country style isn’t quite right for everyone.  For this more modern couple, the urban style of the Turnbull Building was a perfect fit.  I’m so excited that we already have a few other Turnbull weddings coming up in 2019.

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Smoke Blue for Wedding Color Inspiration


I think Tennessee RiverPlace will forever be one of my favorite venues in the Chattanooga area.  The entire venue is situated right on the banks of the Tennessee River, with the mountains positioned as the most perfect natural blue-green backdrop to the ceremony.  For this reason, my favorite is a smoky blue color for a wedding here at the Tennessee RiverPlace. On several occasions when setting up, I have been accompanied by several ducks passing by in the field behind the arbor. How perfect, right?

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Colorful Wedding Theme from this Vibrant Ceremony

Colorful Wedding Theme, The_Venue_Chattanooga_Latin_Wedding_Lang_Floral_Designs5

A few weeks ago, we worked with something that we’re not very used to these days…COLOR!!! Lots and lots of COLOR!  Right now, the color trend in weddings is very soft and muted.  We often get asked to do blush, white, and/or ivory blooms, with a ton of greenery.  Don’t get me wrong, I like a soft color pallet for a wedding.  But when I sat down with this super sweet couple to talk about their wedding, the brides eyes lit up while we looked at her colors and ideas for flowers.  Due to her Latin heritage, it was clear she wasn’t a “Blush and Bashful” bride, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to work with all these gorgeous blooms! This spectacular wedding is sure to give you all the great ideas for your colorful wedding theme!

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A Whimsical Outdoor Wedding in Cleveland, Tennessee


This was a wedding we did the flowers for last May, and I wanted to add it to my blog because I love the way the photography turned out, and the pictures of the bridal bouquet are just too good to not share! The bride was on a little bit of a budget (aren’t we all), and had the additional challenge of a large wedding party and guest count. We chose to splurge on the bridal bouquet, and do modest arrangements for the rest of the bridal party and centerpieces. Since this was a laid back barn venue, I think the combination and boho wild style fit perfectly.

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Classic Wedding Flowers | UTC’s Patten Chapel in Chattanooga, Tennessee


I wanted to post this wedding from last year’s wedding season, because I loved the beautifully dramatic cascading bouquet, with the classic mixture of white blooms with simple greenery.  The bride asked for the length of the bouquet to be extreme…and that it was.  When I delivered it, I assured her that if it were TOO MUCH, we could always scale it back.  Her eye lit up, and she answered, “no it’s perfect!”  This amount of drama may not be for everyone, but for her, it was just what she wanted.
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Dusty Light Purple Wedding Inspiration with Modern Geometric Decor


When I first met with the bride, Jerelyn, I knew she had a modern style, and wanted her wedding to be beautifully unique.  She and her fiance DIY-ed the hexagon and geometric elements of their wedding.  In our meeting, she drew out the ideas she had for the custom built floating hexagon shelves and the gold and grey geometric centerpieces.  I knew the flowers needed to match the modern feel.  So we kept the color pallet soft and dusty (to coordinate with the beautiful dusty lavender bridesmaid’s dresses), and we chose flowers and greenery that weren’t too traditional looking.  My favorite was the blackberry and the white scabiosa that were perfect to stick up out of the arrangements, calling attention to themselves.  Second favorite was the lilac, perfect to add texture and length to the bride’s cascading bouquet.

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My Favorite Wedding Vendors

Every year around this time, I post a list of my favorite wedding vendors. In the 8+ years I have spent in the wedding industry, I have crossed paths with some amazing people who put their hearts and souls into what they do. My favorite thing is to run into old friends from my college or young adult years, and work with them side-by-side as wedding professionals. If you are recently engaged, planning a wedding, or know someone who is, I hope you can use this list and other resources to seek out small businesses and entrepreneurs striving to provide for their families, follow their dreams, and ultimately make yours come true for your dream wedding! Here goes:

Photo Credit: Katie Tiller Photography

Romantic bouquet with burgundy ranunculus and blush dahlias by Lang Floral Designs | Chattanooga Wedding Florist
Photographer: Katie Tiller Photography

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