A Wedding Budget Breakdown With Percentages…Plus Free Spreadsheet!

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Wedding Budget Breakdown with Percentages

As owner and lead florist of Lang Floral Designs, a wedding floral studio in Chattanooga, Tennessee, I see a very wide variety of wedding budget breakdown percentages. Each bride or client who reaches out to us about their wedding flowers receives a questionnaire from us which includes a few questions about their wedding and floral needs so we can review it and make sure we’re a good fit. Within that list of questions is “Overall Wedding Budget” and “Floral Budget”, and I can’t tell you how often we get an answers like “I really have no idea what I should be spending on flower (or what wedding flowers cost), so right now I’m just looking for some pricing.”

However, before we schedule our first meeting, I require some kind of answer about the budget breakdown from them. Here’s why: What if the floral budget is a huge question mark and after we meet I give them a quote for their DREAM WEDDING floral package of $5,000+? But if they were actually hoping for a quote of under $2,000, then the bride is going to be so shocked by the quote that she’ll probably just move on to the next florist in town. So now we’ve both waisted a bunch of time.

I would so much rather get a sense of what the client feels would be reasonable for their wedding. It’s not that we can’t work within a smaller budget. But with a rough budget of about $1,800, I would have never spend an hour+ in a meeting talking about the DREAM wedding package. We would have looked at her inspiration pictures and said “Okay, so if you LOVE this extravagant centerpiece, but you’re on a tight budget, maybe we could do 4 centerpieces similar to that (slightly scaled down), and 10 smaller and more affordable centerpieces on the remaining tables to balance out the cost.”

So how much should you be spending in each category of your wedding budget? Read more to see our suggested percentages and download your own customizable wedding budget Excel spreadsheet!

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