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Blush Bouquets at Howe Farms, The Loft

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Caitlin & Avery’s early spring wedding at the Loft at Howe Farms was a beautiful mix of fresh blush bouquets and dried boho touches.

Blush Boho Wedding Flowers, Bridal Bouquet, Chattanooga Wedding Florist, Lang Floral Designs

Blush & Boho Bouquets

When Caitlin reach out to us about 8 months before their wedding, she shared with us that her wedding vision was modern & elegant with a hint of boho. I perused through her pinterest board to see all the gorgeous inspiration.

So when Caitlin and I met, she showed me her bridesmaids’ satin champaign floor length gowns. So we decided to go with a neutral color pallet of blush, beige and nude. We used Cappucino, Quicksand & Playa Blanca Roses, Tulips, Snapdragons, Waxflower, Eucalyptus, with dried Bunnytail and Pampas Grass for those boho hints.

Blush & Boho Florals to Match the Bouquets

We then decided it would be a great way to save money if we did grounded floral aisle markers, and repurposed them at the reception. So we used our gold harlow floral stands for elevated centerpieces. I love how this look turned out, and even more so, I loved helping Caitlin and Avery figure out how to achieve their wedding vision within budget.

Since the Loft at Howe Farms offers a great built-in hexagon arbor, we decided to do a single corner floral installation for maximum visual impact. I love how the installation was a perfect compliments to the blush bouquets. Their sunny March wedding day gave the ceremony installation that perfect afternoon glow you want with a boho style. What a beautiful early Spring wedding day, with a fabulous vendor team, great venue, and lovely couple!



Flowers: Lang Floral Designs
Venue: Howe Farms
Photographer: Hunter LaShea Photography
Planner/Coordinator: ML Celebrating Forever
Rentals: Lang Floral Designs

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